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Monday, 08 September 2008

Belarus President gives press conference for Russian regional mass media

A press conference of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko for the Russian regional mass media has just started in the National Library. The press conference is broadcast live by the Belarusian Radio First National Channel. The press conference is the final event in the programme of the annual Russian press tour. The first visit of the Russian regional mass media took place in 2003. This year the sixth press tour convened 84 reporters from 44 regions of Russia representing 72 mass media. Half of the reporters took part in the previous press conferences of the President of Belarus. While in Belarus, the participants of the press tour visited Henkel Bautekhnik in Zaslavl, the agricultural company Snov (the Nesvizh region), the Belaruskali Production Association, the social objects in the town of Slutsk, the Khatyn memorial complex and participated in the celebrations of the Day of Belarusian Written Language in Borisov. A TV version of the press conference will be broadcast by the First TV Channel and ONT at 21 p.m.


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